Friday, March 2, 2012

Number 537

Well it starts tomorrow. D flite should be off at 12:55 or so. I am excited and nervous and really don't quite know what to expect. I'm sure I will be breathing hard and I'm sure that my legs will be burning. I'm sure that the speed (even for D flite) will surprise me and I'm sure that my bike will be dirty. I am ready to start close to the front and I am ready to try and stay within the top 25%. I am also ready to take corners really fast from the outside and lay off my brakes as much as possible and I'm ready to try to position myself in the top 5 on the final few laps and cover every attack.

I am ready to get a good nights sleep tonight. I am ready to eat a good breakfast in the morning and I'm ready to pack my bike in the car and drive down to the race. I'm ready to be too cold before the race and too hot during. I'm ready to put that number plate on my bike. It is number 537. I don't know, but I wonder if there is some significance to number 537? I'm pretty sure the digit 5 stands for Category 5 and I am. I guess after 10 mass starts I can be upgraded to Category 4. But I wonder if the 3 and the 7 mean anything?

I will find out tomorrow. I am ready but being ready and being able are usually two different things. Tomorrow the able? question will be answered too. I'm looking forward to that answer. I am looking forward to learning and improving. I am looking forward to the able. I'm looking forward to the race and the season. The ready part is over and now it is time for number 537 to get on with the doing.

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  1. Alan S (Helment Fascist)March 2, 2012 at 11:27 PM

    Good luck out there! I'll be on my first one too, another Cat 5!