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MARCH 12, 2012

My bidon cage is wondering when it can get back on my new(er) bike.

Yes. It's still up.

Watching the planes land.

Hell of the North - it is on like Donkey Kong!

Don't know but it looks cool.

Easter - a celebration of candy instead of the resurrection.

God bless America in the stiff wind from the south.

A different kind of kit.

Read this last night and promised a pie tonight.

Haley making the apple pie filling.

Booby traps, at night, in the dark.

Pie is done. It must be completely cool. Where are the pivlocks?

APRIL 12, 2012

Went to visit 2 bike shops today on complete opposite sides of the "L"BS spectrum. Visited Performance Bicycle and then went and checked out CYCLESMITH. On the way there and back I decided to make a visit to 300 East and see what it was like to share the road in my car.

Beauty outside of CYCLESMITH clinging to the wall of the building next door.

I almost doored her to take a picture of this guy in his truck that almost doored her too. Sometimes (most times?) bike lanes put a cyclist in more danger than just taking the lane would have. The case for sharrows.

How many things can we possibly have going on on 300 East? Mid-block pedestrian crossings obscured in 3 places by 2 different styles of on-street parking. Multiple driveways. Please-door-me bike lanes and poorly designed intersection flow. Sharrows would work best here.

A brave commuter. Lets hope someone doesn't back up into him as I am passing at 30 mph - because he will have nowhere to go but down on the pavement. The cars parked there could never see him. Another very poorly designed bike "facility" that exponentially increases the level of danger for the cyclist. Again - sharrows?

Waiting for a left hook.

His door was just open. No he didn't look first. Good thing there was no bike there because again, where would the cyclist have to go? Why would anyone plan a bike lane in the door zone? Unbelievable. As I was standing here, 2 motorists made a u-turn right here where the center street parking changes direction. The guy just getting out of the black SUV almost got taken out.

Another commuter out in the rain. Maybe that's why he didn't stop at this red light before turning right. Way to be an ambassador for the sport pal.

Apparently someone in this neighborhood doesn't like the idea of bikes "only" - I wonder if it was the garbage man or someone that has to pull out of the multitudes of driveways all along this stretch everyday?

You can't tell, but there's someone sitting in the drivers seat of that Dodge Durango right there that's parked in the bike lane. Are they just waiting for a cyclist to pass by? Did they spray paint that sign up the road?

Oh my gosh! An approximately one or so block stretch with the smartest idea I've seen all day that concerns a bike "facility" and probably the cheapest to install too.

Dumbest thing I saw all day. Could this be what's wrong with America? And Americans? Could this be the reason why a traffic culture and mindset like exists in places in Europe would/could NEVER work in this great land of ours? That would be yes.

MAY 12, 2012