Saturday, December 24, 2011

Heads Up

12/24/2011 - Day 2 - Festive 500 - 16 miles

Day 2 of the Festive 500 began with a whimper and me sleeping in a lot longer than I should have. The wife was at work and the kids are on Christmas break from school so today was going to be tough to find any time to ride. I did get out there for a bit about an hour before dark and just rode around the neighborhood to log 16 miles.

Nothing exciting or noble. Just pushing my way through one mile to get to the next hoping against hope that I don't get too far behind in the stretch to 311 miles over nine days. There are seven more days to go and I've still got to log 284 miles or an average of about 38 per day. Tomorrow is Christmas and I have an hour window of riding opportunity that I can squeeze in between work and festivities that I'm sure is not on the wife's list of things for me to do. We will see.

6/17/2012 - Dream Small Ride #2 - Bogus Basin Hillclimb - 37 miles

I have planned Dream Small Ride #2 and placed it on the calendar. Sunday, June 17, 2012 I plan to be in Boise, Idaho and will ride up to Bogus Basin ski resort from a little park in Boise's North End. If you want to go plan to be there about 9:00 a.m. The climb is basically 18.5 miles and 4094 feet of elevation gain and then a GREAT descent back to the park. I like climbing hills. I like it when it heads up. It hurts. There is a sense of purpose. Something to accomplish. The views are good and the descents are usually even better.

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