Saturday, March 3, 2012

Well That Didn't Taste Very Good

It's a good thing my first crit race was free. Otherwise I would not have gotten my money's worth. I found out today that I am as slow as I thought I was. Everyone in the D flite must have started real slow because I felt pretty darn good for about 2 laps and then I just fizzled right off the back going around the first turn on the third lap into the headwind.

Everyone in my flite just kind of slowly glided past me until - poof - there I was spit out the back and the elastic just snapped. Doink. Without the protection of the group I simply could not hang on and they slowly motored away. It's much harder pushing all the wind yourself so I learned for next time that I MUST hang with the group NO MATTER WHAT.

original art work by @936ADL
After a bit here comes the C flite and they cruise right by me too. Talk about feeling like a weak sissy. Near the end of the race my flite comes back around to catch and pass me as well. Just like crushing a bug. So that was my first taste of racing. I thought: "well that didn't taste very good." OK no problem. Now I know what I need to work on. Today I figured out my weakness: I am slow. I have to work harder on getting faster. I must keep calm and apply the five and dime. More. Much more. And much more often.

I was off the front for about 2 minutes. photo courtesy of Alex Headman


  1. Alan S (Helment Fascist)March 3, 2012 at 9:11 PM

    "I don't do crits."

  2. Thats a funny video. Hopefully I dont remind you of that. Thanks Alan.

  3. Alan S (Helment Fascist)March 4, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    No I remind me of me!

    I got 27th out of 31 in my TT. Sigh. Expected better. At least I didn't come in last.

  4. I also learned this lesson last weekend, the other thing that I learned is that until I get some better legs that I need to stay off the front. It seems that you also need to watch out for that if you were off the front for 2 minutes.