Saturday, January 7, 2012

On The Trainer

Well crap. It's back to the trainer for a while. I don't know how long the snow is going to stick around but it came back today after having been a veritable no-show for most of this winter so far. I can't say that I missed the snow because I didn't. I didn't miss it at all. And hopefully it won't take too long to melt and dry up because I'm going to miss riding out on the road if it sticks around for too long. I guess this means that for now I'm going to have to do the thing I like the least about cycling and that is to change my rear skewer out and set my old bike up on the trainer.

It's called the "pain cave." I'm not sure if the majority of the pain comes from the effort of the training or the mind numbing pain of the boredom I suffer through when pedaling indoors. I don't get very far. In fact my bike doesn't move at all. Hopefully I can find some good low-key hillclimb videos on YouTube to watch because I really like those. It's almost fun to mimic the effort that whoever recorded those went through but frankly it's not nearly the same.

If I had had some time today between work and the circus waffle brunch my wife prepared I might have just taken out the new(er) bike today to ride in the snowfall just for a show of defiance. If only. If I had a cyclocross bike I would get it out there right now instead of sitting here typing this. If only. If I had spiked tires I would get out and ride in the ice and snow that I'm sure will hang around the roads a lot of the remaining winter here. If only.

Instead I'm going to hit YouTube and move some things around in my office. I'm going on a low-key hillclimb later. I know I'm not going to puncture or be stranded with a mechanical. I won't need to call for my wife if I run into trouble. Instead I will just go upstairs. I won't be cold and it won't be windy. Instead I will be hot and sweaty. I will be staving off the fat and lazy later today. I will see you in the "pain cave." It won't be fun instead I'll do the thing I like the least about cycling and that is to change my rear skewer out and set my old bike up on the trainer.


  1. I watch race videos I've recorded or got from friends. I "climb" when they do.

  2. Hey, Steve! I stumbled on your blog via the Rapha website. I'm trying to offer a solution to snow bound and rain slogged roadies -- come where it's warm and train for a week! Here's a website for bike training in Mexico. It was 82 today, I rode for 2.5 hours in a short sleeved kit! Keep pedaling!

    Bob, aka "Don Roberto"